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Malai Haji Abdul Hamid Bin Haji Malai Mashhor


Malai Haji Abdul Hamid bin Haji Malai Mashhor is a native of Brunei. He is a full time Chairman of Mashhor Group of Companies, who has significant experience and track record of success in Brunei contracting busines and responsible for overall management of the company. A great believer in continuous learning & development has attended many courses and seminars on various management topics. He believes that through endearing spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation we can sail through any insurmountable challenges in future & can grow with the same pace as we had in past.

Malai Haji Hamir Bin Haji Malai Mashhor

(Business Development Director)

He is responsible for the group's overall business development, as well as the formulation of corporate direction and strategies, principally in charge of marketing, and corporate customer’s management of the Company, He works to develop and promote Mashhor businesses at both domestic & international front, Mr Malai Hamir brings a breadth of experience in business development and operations particularly in the practice areas of joint venture, strategic alliance, and emerging business and technology.

Malai Haji Abu Sofian Bin Haji Malai Mashhor

(Operations' Director)

A very dynamic, accomplished & determined director, has been engaging in operational management, contracting network & operations since more than two decades who believes Mashhor’s excellent infrastructure, highly skilled personnel & cost effective product & services will take it to the new height of achievement.

Sharifah Hajah Mariam Bte Haji Malai Mashhor

(Finance & Administration Director)

Sharifah Hajah Mariam is responsible for overseeing the finance, management accounting and treasury functions of the Group; she has over 25 years of experience in finance and accounting. She brings a vitality, professionalism warmth and a mindset of service and advocacy to her work, she believes that to broaden the horizon of our business opportunity we need to embrace change & adapt our self as per the need of the market.