Mashhor Group of Companies recognizes that a responsible strategy to environmental issues impacted by our business is essential for all of our stakeholders.

The Top Management expressed its commitment to:

Standards, Statutory and Governing Laws
Comply with the requirements of ISO 14001:2015, Pollution Control Guideline for Industrial Development 2003, and Customer(s).

Continual Improvements
Continual improvements in environmental performance.

Prevent and control pollution.
Minimize the risk to the public from its operations.
Protect the Natural Environment.

Reduce the consumption of energy and to reduce our contribution to emissions of gases which are believed to contribute climate change.

Minimize waste in its operations. Recycle, Reuse and Remove wastes.

Our Staff
Provide training, and supervise staffs so they act with due consideration to applying the necessary controls of producing environmental aspects and mitigate significant environmental impacts.

Our Business Partners
Promote environmental good practices to our customers, internal and external interested parties.