Established in 1999, Mashhor Clough Sdn Bhd was a joint venture between Mashhor General Contractor & Clough Engineering of Perth Australia, which specialized in the construction and installation of submarine pipelines and associated topside facilities.

Mashhor Clough is the only locally owned Brunein contractor with proven EPIC capabilities

Service Areas

        • Engineering
        • Procurement
        • Installation
        • Commissioning

Our Project

      • Campion 7 water injection pipelines project
        Work scope included

        • HDPE lining of pipelines
        • Blasting & painting
        • Launching & towing using rentis methods
        • Offshore installation
        • Diving operation
        • Pre commissioning with hydro test

AMRJ-1to saint’s trunk line replacement & Tutong Gas supply project

The project encompasses

    • Installation of 16”x23 kilometer sub sea
    • Cement coated pipeline from offshore
    • Installation of 14”x 10 Kilometer offshore & 14 kilometer offshore & 14 kilometer onshore pipeline at Tutong