We are an equal opportunity Employer.

People and culture make MGCSB a great place to work.

At Mashhor, each employee is unique and valued. Among the best and brightest in the business, our employees take pride in his or her achievements, the success of others and the quality of their work in accordance with high ethical standards.

MGCSB hires the top talent in every market and offers them access to the opportunities to do their best work and succeed. Mashhor offers access to opportunities that support your growth, develop your skills, and guide you to reach your goals.

Life at MGCSB can also be very flexible. The days of one set path to career success are long over. You will have the flexibility and choice to customize and build the career and life you want. A variety of benefit programs and competitive compensation can offer the security you want for yourself and those important to you now and in the future.

As the undisputed leader among many local companies over many decades, MGCSB is where you will find unrivaled opportunities to succeed and realize your full potential.

At MASHHOR our focus is on Work-Life Balance for creating and maintaining supportive and healthy work environment, which will enable us to have balance between work and personal responsibilities and thus strengthen employee loyalty and productivity.