Mashhor Waste Management (MWM)

Mashhor Waste Management was earlier a joint venture with Reym B.V.Holland, A member of The Waste Management group of USA but since last two decades It’s fully owned & operated by the mashhor Group of Companies, With its global expertise & diversified competent workforce, Mashhor Waste management has become a very sought-after company not in Brunei but in East Malaysia also serving a traditional customers of Oil & Gas, petrochemical industries & private businesses & residential houses, Our global exposure & combined services make us ideal partner for industrial cleaning & waste services, our cleaning methods employ sophisticated vacuum tankers and high pressure waste jetting equipment ,we cater all sort of waste disposal needs including,

      • Wet
      • Dry
      • Industrial Waste
      • Domestic Waste

Area Of Services

Specialized Transportation

    • Vaccume tankers equipped to empty & clean septic tanks ,manholes & sewage system
    • All sort of waste liquids
    • Chemical& products (hazardous substances)

Ultra /High Pressure Cleaning Services

    • Pipe & tubing –cleaning
    • Surface cleaning
    • Concrete –blasting
    • Wet Abrasive blasting upto bare metal

We also provide

    • Wet cutting services
    • Cleaning of oil separator components
    • Drain cleaning sewer cleaning
    • Waste cleaning