A Pan Brunei hunt for the Employees
MGCS Bruneization drive is aimed exclusively for talented jobless Bruneians. This drive is aimed at hiring graduates from various Bruneian Educational institutes and from the local market who can work with us. We want to empower all young and bright graduates, skilled and un-skilled workers to fulfil their dreams of attaining a shining career in MGCS and help in eradicating unemployment rate and helping our government in achieving the Local Business Development Target.

Through MGCS Hiring, our aim is providing a plethora of openings across various specializations. We firmly believe that students’ aspirations should meet with suitable opportunities to enable them to reach their maximum potential. This is a chance to add dimensions to their leadership skills through a gamut of key roles.

Based on the students profile and their performance during selection, they will be handpicked for MGCS Initial Learning Program (ILP). Through ILP, students will be able to lay a strong foundation for an enriching career.

Our aim is to develop local talent pool in a systematic way without effecting the overall company’s operations. Our aim is to meet government’s obligations towards Bruneization, and developing strategies to help meet set Bruneization Goals. Bruneization planning goal that provide services to MGCS for fulfilling the Company’s Bruneization provisions, requiring company to provide specific percentages of the total work force to be local (Bruneian) workers. Bruneization is our one of the company’s strategic business goals when building the company’s workforce for the following reasons:

To decrease the over-reliance on expats; to help constrain related demographic, and economic challenges.
To support Governments Bruneization strategies & Social responsibility.
To meet MEMI’s mandated Bruneization requirements, in-line with government Bruneization directives.