Mashhor has a proven track record & is specialized in carrying our Tank Cleaning works for over 3 decades. We are one of the most preferred Tank Cleaning contractors among our prestigious client base . We are a company known for the Quality , Dependability, Safety and Integrity of the services we provide. We have the latest state of art of technology in carrying Sludge removal inside the Tanks by using “NO MAN ENTRY ROBOTIC METHODOLOGY”. Although , we have a team of highly skilled personnel to execute the cleaning process using MAN ENTRY METHODOLOGY .

Our infrastructure has a fleet of several ECO-VAC Vacuum Tankers , Ultra High Pressure Water jetting, and necessary equipment’s including ISO Tanks ,tools etc.

Our Tank Cleaning activity is not only limited to :-

  • Automated Oil Tank Cleaning.
  • Oil Recovery.
  • Sludge profiling by using Sonar & Thermographic Method.
  • Disposal using ECO-VAC Vacuum trucks owned by Mashhor
  • Ship Hull Cleaning & De-Sludging.
  • Sludge Treatment.